Use and tricks of Kalimage


Use of Kalimage

Children will be able to display their masterworks and let their creativity run wild.


Keep your masterpiece

Roll up the sheet (drawing side on the inside). Then you can re-use it or exhibit it.
After 48 hours, inks remain on Kalimage sheet; you can thus keep your beautiful drawings.
To erase, nothing easier: humidify with a rag or a mini brush.

Better erase and use !

Let the ink dry for a few seconds before erasing with the brush.

Lack of ink ?

Do not forget to put the cap back after using the markers. Shake it slightly whenever its point is dry.

Want to erase permanent felt?

Use simply any of the erasable Kalimage markers and color the blot made by the permanent marker. It is magical, everything disappears!!
Using a small wet sponge, dry ink will disappear very quickly!

Your child writes out of the edges of Kalimage sheets?

The outline of Kalimage sheets are especially conceived for the clumsy little hands loving to color out of the lines.
As Kalimage policy is to make people live moments of happiness within the family, it is the opportunity for parents to share a moment of joy and complicity with their child. Indeed, it gives them the opportunity to explain children the limits not to be exceeded. Do not draw beyond the sheet but in the space in the middle of the sheet.

Contour sheets

Attention, the outline of printed sheets can be erased if the child draws on it with markers, take the time to explain the outline of the leaves should not be colored.


Color your large magical sheet Kalimage

Color your large magical sheet Kalimage using felts, accessories or even your fingers: show some uniqueness!

Revise your school lessons...

Use your Kalimage sheet to revise your lessons! Learn how to count and write !

Create your own shapes and drawings...

Create your own shapes and drawings which you will be able to offer to all your beloved friends during special events : birthdays, parents days, Christmas...

Produce your own stencil key sets...

Produce even your own stencil key sets that you will make hold on your large magic sheet.

Share your Kalimage sheet...

Share your Kalimage sheet with your parents, grandparents, your brothers and sisters or all your friends !

Make funny posters...

Draw a large fresco by unrolling your Kalimage sheets and display them all around your bedroom !

Cut out your Kalimage sheet...

Cut out your Kalimage sheet to make small drawings or to write soft short notes with all the people whom you love !

Brighten out your room...

Brighten out your room and your house with all your small masterpieces.

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