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For the smaller-ones, those big sheets are magical. Electrostatic, they hold on any smooth surface (wall, wood, metal...) without any glue or tacks and without leaving any trace. They are not only erasable but also removable and reusable endlessly.


Its big size (40x60 cm) enables young children to draw sitting or standing, to become familiar with space, to discover the drawing and to let their imagination and creativity develop themsemvles. It also learns them limits and boundaries as all of our sheets have key lines.


Those big magical sheets encourage children not only to draw but also to exhibit and share all their masterpieces.
Kalimage will bring joyful moments in family.

Discover all the range of Kalimage.

Contents :
• 1 magic roll dispenser of 6 large pre-cut electrostatic sheets printed in colors (60x40cm)

• 5 erasable color felts

• 36 learning guides (to draw, to trace...)

• 1 mini brush

Accessories :

Roll Kalimage felts and mini brush

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